Atlanta 23 in 23

Atlanta 23 in 23

Atlanta 23 in 23

Kamady Rudd: Coming off a 7 and 5 season, these bi-district champs in Atlanta, Texas are feeling good about this year. Especially when it comes to their fast paced offense.


Coach McClure:  I think both sides are doing really well right now. Offensively we’re a hurry up offense, we’ve tried ways to go faster.


A team filled with young talent, but lead by a solid group of seniors including Chase Musgrove.


Coach McClure: He’s a two year starter,  third year as a starter. He’s grasped the offense , bee in it for two years so I think his knowledge and being able to get kids lined up and us in the right plays is critical.


Chase Musgrove: Third years a charm.


Kamady Rudd: But Chase might be more excited about his teammates….


Chase Musgrove: It excites me because the young guys we have are really talented. Bunch of talent coming up. I’m excited to see what they’ve got.


Kamady Rudd: And this year it’s all about the team…


Chase Musgrove: Whatever we accomplish as a team, I don’t really care what I do. We kind of take everything one game at a time here. That’s kind of our saying, one game at a time. Take one game at a time then your goals will fall into place.


Kamady Rudd: Senior Dwayne Washington gets specific with those goals.


Dwayne Washington: For the past two years we’ve been going to the second round of playoffs, but this year I’d like to go farther. Do better than what we did last year. Go farther in the playoffs, get our job done, take care of business, do what we have to do.


Kamady Rudd: Atlanta takes it one game at a time, and as of now that means they’re coming for New Boston. 

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