Carthage 23 in 23

Carthage 23 in 23

Carthage 23 in 23

COACH SCOTT SURRATT: We do have a lot of history. We’ve got a lot of tradition with our four championships in 6 years. Every year’s different.


KAMADY RUDD: That’s right, the Carthage Bulldogs have won 4 out of the last 6 state championships…  And this years team thinks they have what it takes to win another.


JAMES MARSHALL: First off it takes a strong mind. First off, experience I feel like experience it’s in a whole other category compared to someone who has a talent but no experience. When it comes to crunch time their liable to crack.


KAMADY RUDD: Crunch time comes soon enough, and the bulldogs are ready to bust out of the gate.


JAMES MARSHALL: I’m looking for us to come out firing on all cylinders because I know in the scrimmages everyone’s been doubting us saying our offense isn’t this, offense isn’t that but we’re going to prove the doubters.


KAMADY RUDD: Their plan is simple and is already well underway.


COACH SURRATT: It’s just win the everyday battle, because everyday is different. With the way things are going nowadays everyday is going to be different just win the everyday battle.


JAMES MARSHALL: First off everyone has to stay together play as a team, we can’t let one person depict how our seasons going to look. We can’t let little distractions like that get us off our main goal.


KAMADY RUDD: In case you forgot what that main goal is…


JAMES MARSHALL: Most definitely want to get back and get another ring. I’m trying to leave high school with two at least. we have the recipe now we just have to get back.


KAMADY RUDD: You can catch Carthage during our game of the week this Friday against Hallsville. For this 23 in 23 I’m Kamady Rudd, NBC 6 Sports.

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