Hallsville 23 in 23

Hallsville 23 in 23

Hallsville 23 in 23

“We've got one week and a few days and we better be ready...”

8 days to be exact. The Hallsville Bobcats moved up in class this year, which means their tough schedule from last season, only got tougher… But Coach Plunk believes their key to success begins and ends with his front line…

“If you're going to be a good football team in this district, the level of teams we play, you've got to have a strong offensive line. You've got to be able to end games, you got to run the football. If you don't have those five guys up front you're not going to win down here with the competition we play.”

With the opener right around the corner, for some, the start of the season is bittersweet.

“For us seniors you know it's our last first game in high school so I  wish it would slow down a little bit, but I'm ready to get it going.”

Going is exactly what the Bobcats are doing, step by step, day by day.

“This years motto is one by one, so we're trying to take every game one by one. Every practice, one by one.”

“It's always fun to make the big plays, but sometimes it's the smaller plays that win the games.”

Something Coach Plunk’s instilled in his team. He’s been with Hallsville for close to 16 years now, and always seems to know what to say…

“Coach Plunk always has his inspirational speeches before the games, he always gets us pumped up.”

That Friday night feeling is the ultimate inspiration for these players…

“Once we get under those lights that's enough inspiration for us. We're ready to play.”

The teams list of goals this season range from owning a winning record to getting in the playoffs where they intend to go beyond the first round. For this 23 in 23 I’m Kamady Rudd, NBC 6 Sports. 

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