Loyola 23 in 23

Loyola 23 in 23

Loyola 23 in 23

Tim Owens:
The Loyal Flyers defense.

Alan Carter
We don't have a lot of big kids. We have a lot of smaller quick kids so we're going to try to utilitize that.
Alan Carter:
We like to move around some. We like to stunt.
Austin Townsend:
We love to hit. Love to hit. 
The Loyola defenders like the quote, "11-30,"  It's another way to describe their play.

Rodney Rollins:
Eleven men to the ball at all times. Wherever the ball is we're running to the ball. Three and out. We don't want to keep letting them get 1st downs. We need to get off the field as quick as possible to give our offense the best chance as possible to score.

The Flyers are coming off an up and down season. Finishing 4-7 with a first round playoff loss.

We played well one week and not so well the next week.
First of all we need to put that season behind us. Look towards the future. 

If the Flyers can develop consistency and forget about last season, they believe this year could be special.

The ultimate goal is to win state. I think we have a great chance of doing that this year. With this group of guys it can happen.

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