Ja'terious Pouncy adjusts to football without his twin brother

November 30, 2017 - "We decided to come home and Grambling was home"

For Ja'terious Pouncy football runs in the family. He and his twin brother Laterious grew up sharing everything, including the sideline.

"There's always been that battle of the siblings I mean we're twins so that daily challenge it never gets old and having him on the field was always a complete thing."

 But it wouldn't be complete forever. The former Airline Vikings started their college football careers at Bethel College in Kansas, wanting to come home they made the decision to walk on at Grambling; where for the first time the twins and teammates ended up separating.

"The fact that he stopped playing and started to pursue other things is just still you have that support system because I know if I look in the stands i can find him in the stands."

He still has Laterious with him on the field in a different way.

"I wear the number 84 on my wrist tape sometimes when I play." 

84 doesn't only represent his twin.

"Him and my brother, my little brother they both have the number 84. Its just that little piece of me still feeling like he was there."

While Lateroius currently cheers him on in the stands he still has family looking to follow in his cleats.

Bo Meeks said: "His little brother is on our team hes a sophomore this year for us but hes one of the great guys i've coached and Im really excited for the success hes had at Grambling."

Success is an understatement. From walk on, to starter and HBCU national champion. Ja'terious Pouncy is a true talent and someone who can always count on having a fan section at every home game. 

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