Local couple inspires each other to reach dreams

By Kamady Rudd | krudd@ktalnews.tv

Published 07/20 2014 08:28PM

Updated 07/20 2014 11:00PM

Chase Duggins has been in the fitness business for years now, but he's never met anyone quite like her.

“Daniell’s been the hardest working client I’ve ever had,” said body builder Chase Duggins.

“He says I’m hard headed, but driven/hard headed whatever, same thing,” said fitness competitor DaNeill Reyenga.

Besides her stubbornness, the two have a lot in common. Because of this they started becoming more invested emotionally in each others fitness journeys. They've been dating a while now, and make a perfect team.

”We kind of balance each other out in a way. He can get all hyped and riled up, and I have to kind of calm him down a little bit,” said DaNeill.

A balance that's led her down a road neither expected.

“When she came in just to look at her right off the bat I wouldn't have said she would ever compete,” said Chase.

But, DaNeill recently won a bikini competition in Jackson, Mississippi. That qualified her for a competition in Las Vegas where she could walk away with a pro card. She questioned taking this next step but that what better time than now.

“You’re not guaranteed tomorrow, you’re not guaranteed next week. So I felt like I just needed to do this and see where it goes,” said DaNeill

Chase is no stranger to the stage either, but he says that's the easy part.

“As far as her being up there, yeah I’m a nervous wreck, it’s really more stressful watching,” said Chase.

“I never imagined someone caring that much and being that emotionally attached and involved in something I’m doing,” said DaNeill.

All of this accomplished in less than a year. Did I mention that DaNeill has three kids? Mother of three and an inspiration to many.

”Seeing her progress and seeing how hard she worked made me want to work harder.We live in the moment and then I kind of step back and I don’t think she really realizes sometimes how big of a deal it is and what she’s accomplished,” said Chase.


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