Meet the Mudbugs 'Kyle Kawamura'

Tim Owens: Hello folks welcome into our Meet the Mudbugs segment, I'm joined by Kyle Kawamura. First of all did I say your name right?

Kyle Kawamura: Yes you did.

Tim Owens: How did you end up here in Shreveport?

Kyle Kawamura: I got sent down from my USHL team up in Lincoln. I knew coach Karlis before coming down here because I had played for him before. It was an easy decision to come down here and develop.

Tim Owens: You play for the Mudbugs. If you play for the Mudbugs I feel like you should try to eat Mudbugs.

Kyle Kawamura: I am looking forward to it. I think me and my roommates are going to go tonight or tomorrow night. 

Tim Owens: Are you going to suck the head?

Kyle Kawamura: I don't think so. Not today.

Tim Owens: You have a unique superstition I guess you'd call it. 

Kyle Kawamura: Before we get dressed in our gear, I take a shower between the warm ups and the game. I just like to feel clean before I go out there and skate.

Tim Owens: You're one of the only players on the team from south of the Mason Dixon Line. What are the cultural differences from playing up in Lincoln to coming here to Shreveport and playing?

Kyle Kawamura: The hockey culture is the same. I think the youth hockey is a little smaller here. The fans are the same. They get up for the games the same. I think down here people notice you when you're out on the street a little more. It's kind of nice.

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