Mudbugs fighting off injuries

You woudln't be able to tell from their record but the Shreveport Mudbugs have had a tough week. 

They've lost several  key players to injury including captain Dominick Procopio and for a second time this past weekend Kieran Durgan.

Durgan returned to action Saturday after missing 14 games only to suffer an upper body injury in the second period. He will be going into surgery Wednesday. 

However, the team remains positive moving forward thanks to the great depth of their roster.

Jason Campbell said, "You have guys that you're not quite comfortable putting them in yet, you don't want to put them in a bad situation but the way our practices are set up guys are always getting turns."

Brendan Gysbers said, "Our team has a lot of depth so if one player goes down another player is going to step up. He can do just as good a job too. We just got to play as a team and stick together and we'll be alright."

Mudbugs get back on the ice on Friday night when they open a two game set with Odessa at 7:11pm.

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