Rabbits running in 2013

Published 08/11 2013 04:33PM

Updated 08/11 2013 11:45PM

ATLANTA, Tx - Atlanta head coach Matt McClure had a surprise for returning quarterback Chase Musgroves during 2013's preseason summer workouts.

"We changed everything this year," Musgroves said. "Last year we had a completely different offense. This year we're fast-paced and hope to score a lot of points."

The new change to a no-huddle offense means plenty of running and gunning, and to McClure, that means scoring. 

"If you run 60 to 70 snaps, the odds of scoring more points are greater," McClure said. "I think in today's game, if you look at all the scores, anywhere from the college ranks, all the scores are really high nowadays. And I think ifyou don't score 30-plus on a nightly basis it's going to be tough to win."

Musgroves likes the change to a quarterback friendly scheme. The returning starter from 2012 hopes to improve on his nine TD passes and will have big targets Kenneth Huff and Eddrick King to throw to. 

"I like running this offense a lot better. It's more in my hands. I get to throw a lot more this year," Musgroves said.

Huff's drawing the attention of Baylor and Oklahoma St. because of his athletisicm, and because of the damage he did at Defensive End in 2012, racking up eight sacks and 51 tackles. 

"He's a guy that can run. He's a 4.7, 4.8 forty guy, so he's very strong and very athletic," McClure said.

The Rabbits finished 2012's season with al 5-7 record. McClure's squad was 3-2 in the district and finished the DII area finalist. 

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