Green Oaks 23 in 23

Green Oaks 23 in 23

Green Oaks 23 in 23

Kamady Rudd: Green Oaks has dished out top recruits before, and they want to do it again…. The team looks to improve on last season and plan to do that with senior leadership…


Sandy Smith: Most of us played our freshman year together. We all came in at the same time so we’ve been playing together mostly since middle school.  It helps a lot.


Kamady Rudd: Returning 14 seniors, and 10 players on the defensive side the Giants are ready to go big… And senior corner back Christopher Britton is ready to lead the way, and isn’t planning on taking any play lightly.


Christopher Britton: Be a strong cornerback anything that goes up I’m going to come down with it.


Kamady Rudd: The seniors take their roles very seriously and understand they’re also there to lead by example.


Christopher Britton: I motivate the DB’s that are going to start next year and the defense that needs help. It’s important because after this season we want a good season from those people too.


Kamady Rudd: Enough talk about the season, these guys are just ready to start hitting.


Christopher Britton: A lot of pad popping and knocking people off.


Kamady Rudd: Now, with the experience, the team feels they’ve worked out last seasons issues and are ready to move forward.


Sandy Smith: I think we’re going to start off good. Last year we started off kind of rough, so this year I think we’ll be better.


You can catch the Giants in the first game on September fifth. 
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