Texas High 23 in 23

By Kamady Rudd | krudd@ktalnews.tv

Published 08/23 2014 04:00PM

Updated 08/23 2014 04:04PM

"We’ve been down a couple years by our standards, and we’re looking to get back on top where we were," said Head Coach Barry Norton. 

Texas High’s idea of down, might be different than the average team. The Tigers finished 9 and 2 last season, and were beat in the first round of the playoffs. With unfinished business, they head into this season with the same goals.

"We want to win the opening game. We want to win our rival game against Arkansas High. We want to win the district championship. We want to win our first playoff game," said Coach Norton.

The individual dedication each player brings to the table makes it hard to decide who will be filling what position. But the fight for spots only makes the team stronger.

"Competition makes you better all the way around, and those guys are trying to get the edge where they can. They were great all spring, all summer, they put a lot of hours in and it’s been a group that’s been fun to coach. They’ll do whatever you ask them to do," said Coach Norton.

This team lives and breathes for football. Each player striving to reach their potential and each coach wanting them to get there.

"They’re looking for extra and we tell them if you need extra, we’re here. The coaches get here at 7 in the morning and we leave at 10:30 so come grab us and we’ll see if we can help," said Coach Norton.

 Texas takes the field next Friday hoping  to cross off their first goal against Whitehouse.

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