Woodlawn Looking for First Title since 1980

March 8, 2017 - Devante Brooks said, "It's a great feeling for our teammates, for our coaching staff."

The Woodlawn Knights have an opportunity to do something that hasn't been done in the Cedar Grove neighborhood in 37 years.

Telvin Thomas said, "I've been waiting on this opportunity since seventh grade year."

Win a title on the hardwood.

Brooks said, "We're just going to take our toll and do what we do and finish it off."

And while winning a title is great for the players, for Coach Sykes, the opportunity to play the game is bigger than trophies.

Coach Kenneth Sykes said, "Woodlawn is a pretty hard area to be in over here in the Cedar Grove area. So, basketball has been an outlet for these kids. I wanted to come in and get these kids and just show them how successful they can be regardless of their situation."

The Knights have created a family atmosphere.

Thomas said, "We've been building a team chemistry since the first game, and that's been great."

And for Coach Skyes, the bond is unbreakable.

Sykes said, "We always talk about a team being like a hand. A hand has five fingers, and you need all five fingers, but when you close your hand you have a fist. When you close that fist you can't seperate it, and that fist carries a mighty punch. That's the mentality we've been having."

Woodlawn will play in the state semi-finals tomorrow afternoon, but regardless of the outcome on the court, they're already winning. Reporting in Shreveport, I'm Brad Cesak.

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