2013 Advance Men's Conference is a success

The 2nd annual Advance Men's Conference proves to be a big success.

The 2nd annual "Advance Men's Conference" proves to be a big success.

The event was held at the Word of God Ministries.

About 100 men participated this year.

They came to hear several speakers, including the keynote speaker, Dr. Ben Carson.

Carson is a world-renowned Neurosurgeon, and recipient of the Presidential Metal of Freedom.

Pastor James McMenis, says the conference is meant to empower men through the Word of God.

That with His Spirit they can learn integrity, character, and truth.

"We're wanting to just empower them to show them the power of faith, vision, imagination, what they can achieve with a dream, what they can achieve through their God-given talent," said McMenis.

If you would like more information on the event, or how to attend next year, please go to

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