21 Texarkana, Arkansas organizations request funds

21 Texarkana, Arkansas organizations request funds

In Texarkana, Arkansas, the Advertising and Promotion Commission is in a bit of a pickle.
In Texarkana, Arkansas, the Advertising and Promotion Commission is in a bit of a pickle.

Each year, the Commission gives out money raised from the City's Sales Tax Revenue.

For 2014, they don't have enough for everyone.

The money is given to groups that can enhance Texarkana and bring in visitors.

For 2014, 21 organizations are requesting grant money from the Commission.

It totals $1.5 million, but the Commission only has $172,000.

On Tuesday, the Advertising and Promotion Commission heard from different groups wanting funds for 2014.

"They give a five minute presentation and tell us what they do for the community, what they've done with the money given in the past, and what do they want to do with the grant," said Mayor Wayne Smith.

21 organizations are asking for a total of $1.5 million, but that's money the Commission doesn't have.

"We have about $1.1 million for 2014," said Smith. "But because of other commitments, we only have about $172,000 to award to people."

Main Street Director, Ina McDowell, presented her case Tuesday asking for $47,500.

"We don't know what we're going to get," said McDowell. "We're asking for just a little bit more than what we asked for last year."

McDowell understands the Commission is short of funds, but without that grant, she won't be able to do everything she needs to.

"Our goal is promotion and economic development, specifically in the downtown area," said McDowell. "We hope we at least get what we got last year, which was $32,500."

Last year, the A&P Commission was able to honor all requests, but 2014 will be different.

"This year we're going to have to make some hard decisions," said Smith. "Not everyone's going to be getting money or everyone's not going to get what they asked."

A decision will be made November 5th.

Until then, groups like Main Street, will just have to hope for the best.

Each person in that Commission is going to go over the proposals, and come up with a list on how they want to see the money divided.

They will then meet as a whole on November 5th, where hopefully a decision will be made.

Groups include:
-Main Street
-Texarkana Chamber of Commerce
-Front Street
-Four States Fair
-Texarkana Youth Softball Association
-Texarkana Baseball Association
-Texarkana Symphony Orchestra
-Holiday Spings Water Park
-Texarkana, Arkansas Convention Center
-Texarkana Women Veterans Outreach
-Arkansas Welcome Center I-30 and Red River
-Texarkana Museums
-Broad Street Galleries
-Four States Auto Museum
-Urban Renaissance
-Partnership for the Pathway
-Live United Bowl (given $20,000 from 2013 reserves)
-City Beautiful
-Parks and Recreation
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