A Better Shreveport...bike paths included?

A Better Shreveport...bike paths included?

Enhancing the quality of life plus transportation...

        What if driving you car to work wasn't your only option? 
It's a vision that Dr. Loren Demerath and the group ABetterShreveport have for the city. 

The group says places like the duck pond and the countless networks of drainage ditches have the perfect width and slope for a bike path and walking trail. 

"We think it's a unique opportunity since we have so many drainage ditches and bayous. We also think it's important to enhance the quality of life in the city, not to mention offer another way of transportation," Demerath said. 

The group spoke at the Shreveport city council meeting. The goal is to get the infrastructure committee involved along with Caddo Commission and the MPC. 
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