A gift that'll last a lifetime

A gift that'll last a lifetime

You can buy a dot on SRAC's new dalmation

The Shreveport Regional Arts Council hopes you'll buy someone a dot for Christmas.

The dots will light up on a 20 foot dalmation, set to stand outside the council's new art station.

The dalmation is a gift from Moonbot Studio's William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg. The dots are selling for $101 each; each is worth 30 characters.

If you buy a dot, your name will appear on a wall with a button underneath.  When you press the button, your name lights up on the dog.


"Trying to do a push for the holidays where people can get them and give them as gifts,” said Casey Jones, Marketing Director for SRAC. 


SRAC hopes to raise $101,000 with the project. It'll be used to keep SRAC’s doors open. The dog is set to arrive early 2014.

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