A Ticking Clock with 15.6 million pounds of M-6 to go...

Exploring disposal options at Camp Minden...

   More than 15 million pounds of military grade M-6 propellant sit at Camp Minden from the business Explo Systems Inc. left behind. 

Burning tests have started to determine the safest methods possible. It all comes down to how much Nitric Oxide gas the EPA will allow to be placed into the atmosphere during disposal. 

A choice is the traditional open pit burn which could take roughly two years and $30 million. 

Another way is by an incinerator awaiting EPA approval. A new prototype has been created by local Madden Contractors. The company says it's safer, half the price, and could get the job done in 9 months time. 

The clock is ticking because the M-6 has a shelf life and can go off at any time. 

"This has been a godsend really. Anytime we can do it with less money and safer, not to mention keeping in the local economy creating jobs, I'm pleased with what we've seen here," LA Sen. Robert Adley said. 
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