Abandoned then rescued but puppy's "BraveHeart" remains homeless...

Abandoned then rescued but puppy's "BraveHeart" remains homeless...

Kept in isolation until investigation is complete...

      Little did the Spataro family know that today might be the last time they see Braveheart, the young puppy they've fostered for the last month.

     Our NBC 6 camera was rolling as the family was forced to give the recovering dog away to Caddo Parish Animal Control before they begin an investigation.

        It was in early September when the puppy was found chained inside a storage unit off Youree Drive. Braveheart was barely alive with no food or water, with a concrete floor for a bed.
       The facility's owners made the disturbing discovery after the renter abandoned the unit. A police report was soon filed.

   "We do assist in these investigations and it is disturbing. However Animal Control is better equip to handle these types of investigations," Shreveport Police Sgt. Bill Goodin said.

  "This animal was locked in a storage unit with no hope. Some human did that to him," Bo Spataro said.

    The Spataros began working with LA Baby Mommas to foster the pup.

"We thought that we were going in there to give them everything they need to prosecute who did this to him and we did. But they said they need to seize Braveheart because he's the Parish's property until the investigation is finished," Ronda Spataro said.

    Ronda works at a local animal hospital and Braveheart was going with her everyday for care.

"We still haven't been able to do his vaccination, but so much veterinary care has gone into getting him back into shape. Brave was not a stray anymore. We were getting him back and would have found him a good home," Bo Spataro said. 
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