A.C.A. S.O.S.

A.C.A. S.O.S.

The Obama Administration is trying to fix healthcare with a broken website. More than a month and a half into the affordable health care act signups... We're just now beginning to see functionality at healthcare dot gov. But, is it too late to save the struggling program... And help the people who need it most?
However tough signing up for the Affordable Care Act can be... the reason for it's need is even tougher for Booker Wall.

"I was working from the time I was 15 years old until 44... I'm 49 now... And there's no insurance for me."

After a cancer diagnoses five years ago, Booker lost his job.  Today, he's trying to sign up for health care coverage... So he can get better and get back to work.

"But it didn't go anywhere."

Which brings Booker to the MLK Health Center where navigator Jason Geslois hopes today goes better than October first when the marketplace debuted.

"Literally got on, barely got passed the first step, then the screen says, "we're unavailable."

The continuing computer glitch hit the millions who tried to just explore new coverage...

"We never got to the basic, where you could enter in your account information."

And has done yet untold damage to the program as whole.   The disaster fueling such rage that the president offered a personal apology.

"Today was the first day, for us here, to get a person up to the point where you could do an application."

Booker's application.  Five years after diagnosis and countless hours trying to sign up... Could he now finally succeed?

"We were finishing a few minutes ago.  Got to submit the application... And the "submit application" button does not work."

For now... like so many others... Booker is now filling out a paper application.  Instead of a send button... they'll use a stamp... send it in... and wait.

"I guess that's all we can do, we can just do what we can and what the tools that are given to us."

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