ACA website issues cause slowdown for Louisiana applications...

By day 2, not a single application in Louisiana made it through the it's back on track.
       It's day three for open enrollment with the Affordable Care Act, and the application collection is slower than many anticipated.

        One of the state's largest health insurance providers, BlueCross BlueShield of Louisiana, says yesterday not a single application made it through the system in the entire state.

       Issues and backlogging with the website have made it difficult for people to begin the application process.

      By this morning (day 3), the insurance company was able to retrieve all the applications from yesterday. However the number is much lower than anticipated, less than ten.

  It's the same scenario at Shreveport's MLK Health Center. Empty waiting rooms and only two people showing up to try the new process. They've gotten plenty of phone calls, but all attempts have been unsuccessful.

   "A few times we've tried to log people in it just freezes or doesn't let them sign in. There's just glitches that need to be worked out," Jason Geslois said.

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