What to know for the Advocare V100 Bowl

What to know for the Advocare V100 Bowl

Worried about parking or what to bring to the Advocare V100 Bowl? NBC 6 has you covered.

Empty seats at Independence Stadium will soon be filled by thousands of fans waiting to see Boston College and University of Arizona go head to head.

There are things fans need to know before getting to Independence Stadium.

Where to park?

"It's $15 to park on the fairgrounds, and they'll get you as close as possible, anyway,” says John Cordaro, Ticketing Manager. “It's kinda in that area between the baseball field and Hirsch Colliseum, kind of in that area."

What can you bring, and what has to stay at home?

"Well of course no knives or firearms or even mase or umbrellas, even though we're not going to need an umbrella tomorrow hopefully," says Cordaro.

But you can bring a portable seatback for the bleachers.

Shreveport Police will have extra security to deal with traffic and activity inside the stadium.

"One of the things that we see is obviously, we got a large amount of people in a relatively small geographic area,” says Sgt. Bill Goodin with Shreveport Police. “We're going to have some traffic issues, so we're going to have some officers at those main intersections out there directing traffic and we want folks to get in as quickly as we can and as safely as we can."

Mo Casorla and his wife drove 16 hours from Arizona to cheer on the Wildcats.

"At the last minute, we were just sitting at home thinking what are we going to do for the weekend, so I said let's go cheer for the Wildcats,” says Casorla. “I mean, we're season ticket holders, so we decided to come and cheer them on."

The season ticket holders say they're looking forward to the game and their stay in Shreveport.

And here's some good news parking wise: if you park at either Pierre Bossier Mall in Bossier or Mall St. Vincent in Shreveport, a shuttle will take you to the stadium.

The shuttle runs from 10 a.m. until one hour after the game is over.

There is a $5 round-trip fee, but kids 12 and under ride for free.

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