Affordable Care Act Today

Affordable Care Act Today

A look at the successes and failures of the Affordable Care Act on day two of the government's insurance plan.
In northern Virginia today, driving his taxi Fordale Oduro is happy.

Despite high blood pressure, for the first time in a long time, he got health insurance.

With a government subsidy he will pay just $141. Per month.

"Oh i was jumping up and down you know. I was very excited," said Oduro. "i said my goodness. I should have had this long time ago.

As the affordable care act kicks in, a big goal is less use of hospital emergency rooms by the uninsured seeking non-emergency care at everyone else's expense because tens of millions in America who lacked coverage can get it.
They can go to doctors, they can be treated for conditions that they may have been delaying care, postponing care for.

That it will really make a difference in how people use the healthcare system , Diane Rowland of the Kaiser Family Foundation said.

But a new study finds when the poor get insurance many go to the ER more often.

In Beltsville Maryland, 55 year old Nancy Beigel has arthritis and other conditions.

She needs lot of expensive medications.

But, for a decade, Nancy had no insurance. Until the Mary's Center Organization helped her sign up for the ACA.

"They talk about people who fall thru the cracks. I fell thru the cracks ten years ago. I'm finally gonna get to dig my way out, said Beigel.

Tomorrow, Nancy has a doctor's appointment.

No worries. She has health insurance
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