After three years, Tracy Winslow family not giving up on finding her

Tracy Winslow's family searches the back woods of Oil City, La.

It's a task no family should have to endure, searching for a loved one’s body. It's been a three year ordeal for Tracy Winslow's family, and it continues.


Tracy Winslow vanished from Oil City on Jan. 23, 2011. Her kidnapper and ex-boyfriend Eddy Jackson is in prison. He has yet to tell the family her whereabouts.


The family said they are not giving up on finding her. On Saturday, to mark the third anniversary of her disappearance, about 20 family members searched the back woods of Oil City near Savage St. and Hwy LA 530.


“It’s been a long journey for three years,” said Felicia Starkes.  “Every day, it’s not like you can just not think about it. Living with this every day, the not knowing.”  


After not finding her, the family released balloons in her honor.



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