Two Highland men called heroes after apartment blaze

Six families are homeless after an apartment fire in Highland, but neighbors say it could have been much worse.
Neighbors at the Country Corner Apartments on Stoner Ave. say two men saved them all from a fire spreading through their apartments.

Six families were forced out by flames around 8 a.m. on Thursday.

Fred Sanders, Assistant to the Fire Chief, says a woman told firefighters she was trying to dry clothes on the stove, and that's when the fire started.

"Next thing I know, I saw a whole lot of smoke, so she got caught in the fire; she was trying to escape from the fire," says Aretha Carter, who’s lived in the building for three years.

Steve Green and his neighbor Walter live in a quadplex next door. When they saw the fire, they jumped into action.

"Girl was standing on top of the building saying she's scared to jump,” says Walter. “We told her to come on climb down, because you know the fire was going to get on her, it was right there on her already."

They knocked on four doors, and even had to break one down.

"Lady wouldn't come to the door so we had to...she's  disabled so we had to kick her door down to get in there to her to let her know that the apartment above her was on fire," says Steve.

"Forgive me whoever door I broke in, but baby I had to get you up out of there,” says Walter. "Thank God everybody is still living even though we lost a lot of stuff, but we still here." 

The apartment manager has relocated all but one of the families, plus the Red Cross is helping out with their immediate needs.

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