Attorney: evidence against accused Shreveport firefighters isn't enough

After looking over arrest affidavits, Peter Flowers, attorney for Clint Richardson, says the evidence just doesn't amount much.
These are the court documents that accuse four Shreveport fighters mistreating two mentally disabled men and paying a prostitute to have sex with one of them.

Derrick Harris, Clint Richardson, Billy Glass and Jason Vaughan have plead not guilty to cruelty to the infirm and principal to prostitution charges.

Randy Chandler is charged with just cruelty to the infirm.

NBC 6 sat down with Peter Flowers, attorney for Clint Richardson.

He was given the arrest affidavits on Wednesday, and he says the alleged pranks have been pinned on a select group of firefighters.

"If you take it for what it is, which is isolated incidents over a period of years by a number of different people, then it's not such a substantial amount of material," says Flowers.

John Settle, attorney for former Fire Captain Derrick Harris agrees, saying everyone charged was not involved.

"As this unravels, I think we'll actually find out who did what," says Settle. "But at least two or three of the firefighters were fired just for having knowledge of an instance and not for participation in it."

The documents also describe the victims as "severely mentally retarded." Flowers says he knows they're not, because he's seen their IQ scores.

"These men are not mentally retarded," says Flowers. "They're not interdicted, they're free to do what they want, no one keeps them from doing what they want, and the only people that provide any kind of supervision for them, whatsoever, are these firemen."

The four firefighters have all been fired from their jobs.

Harris has appealed his termination and so will Vaughan and Richardson.
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