Bachman family breeds championship tradition

Calvary head coach John Bachman and his sons lead the Cavaliers to their first ever state championship appearance
SHREVEPORT, La - State championships are a Bachman family tradition.

"I've been a part of nine state championships," John Bachman, Calvary head coach said. "Eight as an assistant, and one as a head coach."

That one championship as a head coach came in his final year at Evangel Christian Academy. It was special because he was the head man, but it's sentimental because of his coaching staff.
"All of my sons were on the sideline with me. We all were on the field when we were fortunate enough to beat John Curtis."

The following year, Bachman and Evangel went separate ways.
"Yea, I was let go from Evangel. Things didn't work out, but don't cry for me. I was on the field with my sons and the last thing we did together was win a state championship."

With his oldest sons by his side, he walked off the New Orleans Superdome turf a state champ.
"It was extremely special. I can remember walkin off the field," Jason "Moose" Bachman, John's youngest son, said. "It was my papa was walking with me, and my two brothers. That was a special moment, I'll always remember walking across the superdome floor."

Two years latter, a school called Calvary Baptist Academy called John Sr. and he called his family tree to join his coaching tree once again.
"There's family involved," John Sr. laughed. "If you pulled the rest of the staff aside and asked them, they'd say them Bachman's are crazy."

His oldest son and Director of Football Op's John Jr. said the relationship can get complicated.
"Boss is also my dad, a co-worker is also my brother. It's a unique thing, because it's hard to separate the father from the boss, when I should be seeing his as my boss."

In 2013, the father-son Bachman trio have led Calvary to the school's first state championship appearance.
"Something we've talked about since the time that I got here," John Sr. said. "Alot of great memories you can have in life and going to the dome is one of them."
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