BAFB civilian employee furloughs--the disability community and daily living...

BAFB civilian employee furloughs--the disability community and daily living...

It's a crunch all DOD employees are feeling from the government shutdown...

        It's a different feeling at Barksdale AFB, and a different morning as civilian employees made their way to work.

"They said we're shut down. It makes me sad because I love my job and I love seeing them in uniform. They're going to miss us," civilian employee Jason Dale said. 

   Dale drives forty miles to work each day from Vivian. It's been his routine for the last four years before working at the post office on base, now he's furloughed.

  Goodwill Industries and The Arc of Caddo-Bossier contract individuals that have many things in common.

 "Many people that work under our contract, even at the Commissary, are some folks that have disabilities, even severe disabilities. Now they can't make money and can't work, so it's upsetting for us," Goodwill's D.J. Roma said.

  Forty-three employees from Goodwill will be furloughed Wednesday morning, and thirty were furloughed Tuesday morning. 

   The work they do is essential to the every day living on base. Services like mail delivery, sanitation, laundry, upkeep of the grounds, the commissary, linen care at the hospital, and even the main switchboard are operating differently or not at all. It's a delay while disabled employees wait on Congress.

   Barksdale's 2nd Bomb Wing released the following statement:
"Civilian Airmen are important members of the Barksdale team and knowing some are going home on furlough is difficult, whether we wear a uniform or not."
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