Bilingual leadership camp seeks to reduce latino dropouts

La Cima leadership camp held in Scottsville, TX.

A leadership camp in East Texas is helping local youth prepare for college.

The “La Cima Leadership Camp” is going on all weekend at the Scottsville Conference Center.

It allows area high school students to learn life skills and how to become leaders in their communities.

It's also conducted in English and Spanish, so students learn more about their Latin American heritage.

"It's a great cultural experience because you learn a lot about your heritage and stuff and you learn about leadership and how to help others and not just yourself," said Marina

"It shows you what you can do with your life. All the goals you can accomplish if you don't give up and just try hard," said Angel Gomez.

The goal of the camp is to reduce the dropout rate of Hispanic youth.

The next camp is in June at Centenary College.

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