Blanchard residents wake up to little or no water

Freezing temperatures create problems for some in Blanchard.

Freezing temperatures create problems for some in Blanchard.

On Wednesday, residents woke up to little or no water.

At Town Hall, phones have been ringing constantly.

"They're fixing it right now," said one employee.

Phone calls mostly from residents wondering where the water is.

"This is a first," said Town Clerk Debra Smith. "A lot of people are concerned."

Officials say it started Tuesday when water line began to thaw.

"A lot of people started having leaks," said Smith. "Because of the mass amount of leaks, it's been hard to stay up with the normal water flow."

Crews worked around the clock to try and fix the water pipes. In the meantime they say residents and business owners should be patient and take extra precautions.

"If you have any water please follow the boil advisory and boil water for at least 1 minute and we greatly ask to please limit your water usage," said Smith.

Three schools and some businesses took no chances and closed Wednesday.

The manager of Gator Bait, Sharron Pickard, chose to stay open.

"I'm hoping it brings more business in," said Pickard.

It wasn't easy to work without good water.

"We have to use bottled water to cook all our food in," said Pickard. "It does put you out a little bit, but you have to do what you have to do."

Crews hope to have the problem fixed by Thursday.

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