Bossier alums help students with ACT preparation

Bossier alums help students with ACT preparation

Bossier Alumni Association presents Bossier High with a check


A local alumni association is giving back to its alma mater, as students prepare to take the ACT.


The Bossier High School Alumni Association presented Bossier High School with a $1,200 check Monday afternoon.  It's to pay for calculators, testing materials, and incentives-all things needed to help students perform well on their exams. For the next six weeks, students will spend at least 20 minutes daily preparing for the ACT


"Drawing attention to those students who do well, then it becomes a priority for them,” said Principal David Thrash. “Mainly last year, I think a lot of them knew that hey we got the ACT…they didn’t take it very seriously."


The next ACT test date is Mar.18. Juniors across Louisiana are now required to take the exam.

Schools need students to score at least an 18 in order for it to count toward the schools’ annual performance score.


The check presentation is a part of the alumni association's countdown to the school's 100th anniversary.

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