Bossier Crime Stoppers wants more tips

Bossier Crime Stoppers needs more people to call in with tips

Bossier Crime Stoppers needs your help. Simply put - they need more people to call in tips.

Currently, Bossier Crime Stoppers receives 25 tips per month. Detectives say that number should be in the hundreds. 

"I've been an investigator for about six years and we go to these major incidents and people are reluctant to talk to us for several reasons,” said Det. Brandon Huckaby, with Bossier City Police. 

“The main reason, they're scared if they're seen talking to us, the suspect or suspects’ family or neighbors may not like it or they're scared they may retaliate against them.”

In just the past year, Crime Stoppers helped nab several armed robbers, a sex offender, and a big-time drug dealer.  In the past three years, Bossier Crime Stoppers has given out $15,000 in rewards. If you see or hear about any criminal activity in Bossier Parish, you're urged to call Crime Stoppers at (318) 424-4100.

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