Bossier Parish parents protest Common Core Standards

Bossier Parish parents protest Common Core Standards

Parents kept their students home from school to protest the Common Core Standards in classrooms.
A new initiative in the classroom has some parents protesting across the country.

Common Core Standards were created to prepare students for college and the workforce.

Parents and students spent part of their Monday protesting outside the Bossier Parish School Board office.

Their issue? Common core standards need to go.

"We don't blame the school, we don't blame the teachers,” says Dawn Thomas, concerned parent. “It's this common core curriculum that's been put into place and the content. And it hasn't been proven and we've got kids that are really stressed out, because it's age-inappropriate."

According to the Common Core website, the standards focus on core conceptual understandings and procedures, starting in the early grades.

Parents say it's too much work, too soon.

"I mean it's just ridiculous when my fourth grader has to write essays and book reports every month,” says Amy Heller. “It just doesn't make any sense to me."

The assistant superintendent says that's a legitimate concern.

"I do know that going around and speaking to the principals and asking them what are the teachers' concerns about common core state standards, and their main concern is that it's just been too much, too quick and too soon," says Scott Smith.

Parents spoke to State Representative Jeff Thompson at the protest, and he says the discussion from this point on will be spent on implementing Common Core effectively.

"You don't only want to do it right, but you want to do it right at the right time,” says Thompson. “Rushing a good idea is never a good idea."

Thompson says with the new standards, Louisiana can go from being behind in education, to being in front.

The Louisiana Department of Education had a team of former educators and the LSU Cain Center for STEM Literacy review the standards.

The group's feedback says the standards are challenging, but attainable.

Plus, education will line up with workforce needs.
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