Bowie County Sheriff deputies investigate alleged burglary

Two were shot and killed during an alleged burglary.
 (Jade Cunningham)
(Jade Cunningham)
Two were shot and killed during an alleged burglary.

It happened Monday morning at the Prissy Chrissy Ranch in Texarkana.

The property is known for hosting special events like weddings and parties.

What was originally called a burglary is now being treated as a death investigation.

Officers say the 911 call came in around 7:00am reporting a burglary in progress with two people shot.

When Bowie County Sheriff deputies came on-scene, they found a male and female on the ground.

Both had died from gun shot wounds.

Authorities say, 25-year old Richard Skye Hargrove (who lives at the home), saw the two suspects approaching the house and shot them.

Hargrove then called his dad, who then called 911.

After hours of investigating, deputies continue to process the scene.

They've conducted multiple interviews, and the Department of Public Safety was called in to help further the investigation.

Officers also searched and finger-printed the car the two suspects came to the house in.

That care was left at the property's entrance gate.

The suspects have been identified as 35-year-old Jonathon Hill and 19-year-old Timber Taylor.

Neither one got in the home, so officials aren't exactly sure if their intent was to burglarize.

Stay tuned to Channel 6 for updates on this story.

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