Bracing for Food Stamp funding cuts-- 1 in 4 Louisianians...

Bracing for Food Stamp funding cuts-- 1 in 4 Louisianians...

Starting tomorrow...

      Starting Friday November 1st, food will be taken off the tables of people in need. 
The country's food stamps program will be cut by $5 billion, affecting 1 in 7 Americans. 

Benefits are being cut as parts of 2009 economic stimulus package expire. 

 The impact in Louisiana will be huge. 

The economic impact will be $98 million. 
This will average out to a $29 benefit reduction per family per month. 
Each person on food stamps will be left with $1.40 per day per meal, to live on. 

Many relying on the assistance are families with children and the elderly who use the benefits to offset the cost of medication, paid for by their social security checks. 

"When I think about a $29 cut each month, it may not seem like a lot to you or I, but for those who really depend on the food stamps it will be a big dent," Rep. Barbara Norton said. 

"I spend $21 just for my baby's formula and she drinks one can in three days. You sit here and think 'oh one last scoop' then you worry about tomorrow. It's not something I want to lean on forever, but right now I need it," mother Janisha Mack said. 

Many find help at the Shreveport-Bossier rescue mission.
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