"Braveheart" UPDATE--Owner signs puppy over to Caddo Parish--Protest Cancelled...

Now making a recovery under veterinary care...

     The owner of the abandoned Shreveport puppy "Braveheart" has voluntarily signed the dog over to Caddo Parish in the midst of a warrant issued for animal cruelty.

   At this point our sources say that the dog is now being taken care of privately by a veterinarian at a home which is an undisclosed location.

  It's been a long haul for the young puppy. It started with his horrific abandonment, chained in a storage unit and turned drastically Wednesday when he was seized from his foster family.

  After an overwhelming response over social media, citizen outreach to elected officials, and to more than 10,000 signatures on a petition to the Parish Administration--a news conference was called. Caddo Parish claims it was both Louisiana law and parish policy that the dog remained at the animal shelter until the owner could be identified and the proper action taken. 

 "The response was fantastic from the community and really shows what we'd want for the future of our animal shelter. Everybody that works at the shelter will soon be meeting with the ASPCA to do training and outreach and we'll be hosting symposiums in the community as well," Caddo Parish Commissioner Matthew Linn said. 

  The protest that was originally scheduled for Friday morning at the shelter has been cancelled.
        A note:

Good evening everyone. This is Justin from Lumberjack Animal Rescue. Im sorry for the delayed response, but as you can imagine everyone involved in "Freeing Braveheart" has been in a frenzy for the past couple of days. Braveheart is safe at a local vets, and is no longer under the control of Caddo Animal Control. At this point i am calling off the Protest at Caddo Animal Control temporarily. With the understanding that if he is not returned to Bo and Ronda, they will see us along with several others. Bo and Ronda visited him tonight, and he is safe and well. We will not rest until he is back where he needs to be. This was never meant to be political. It was simply a flood of loving, caring people trying to do what was best for an abused dog. What was best for him was to be with Bo and Ronda. His story literally went worldwide. My promise to all the wonderful caring people, who signed the petition, emailed, shared, and were willing to give of their time to stand and speak for a puppy who could not speak for himself, is "WE ARE WATCHING". We will update everyone as to what happens from here. If it becomes necessary, we WILL be back. I would like to send out a special "Thank You" to KTAL Channel 6 News for their coverage of his story. You guys were absolutely "AWESOME". May God Bless.

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