NBC 6 Exclusive: Actor from NBC's “Chicago PD” talks about his role

NBC 6's Kimberly Rusley sits down with actor Jesse Lee Soffer.
It's not just another cop drama.

Tonight, “Chicago PD" makes its prime-time debut on NBC.

The series is a spinoff from Dick Wolf's hit show "Chicago Fire."

"It's just a little grittier, a little more fast-paced, but it's kinda like a cop show that just doesn't pull punches,” says Soffer. “There's no black and white, no right and wrong, everybody lives in the gray area of how far you're willing to go to get the job done that you think needs to get done."

Soffer plays Jay Halstead, a military man, turned hard-nosed detective, who wants to continue to do good in the world.

"He's a little cocky, he's a little agressive, but he's just trying to be a good cop," says Soffer.

The plot surrounds uniformed officers and an intelligence unit working together to get criminals off the street.

After training with real life officers, Soffer says he loves the realness of drama.

"I love fight scenes,” says Soffer, laughing. “I like tackling somebody and putting handcuffs on them."

Soffer is hoping that realism pulls viewers in for a roller coster of a season.

"Chicago PD" premieres tonight at 9:00 p.m., right here on NBC 6.

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