CoHabitat has successful Kickstarter campaign, raising $20,000

CoHabitat has successful Kickstarter campaign, raising $20,000

CoHabitat Foundation gets $20,000 in pledged donations through its Kickstarter campaign

A local non-profit has something to celebrate.

The CoHabitat Foundation has raised the  $20,000 needed to create a community kitchen.

Co-Habitat finishes its Kickstarter fundraising campaign August 20th.

On August 16, the non-profit reached its  goal of securing enough donations to renovate a kitchen in its new facility in the Red River District. 

"It's been nerve-wracking the whole time, but we're confident the community in Shreveport-Bossier has never been anything but amazingly supportive and we know that with the interest in this kitchen, it would come through in the end,” said Jessica Schiele, the
Director of Membership for CoHab.  “We always believed that."

The new CoHab will have a creative workspace, an event center, and a community kitchen.

The money will be used to purchase stoves, ovens and serving utensils.

The kitchen will be open to culinary entrepreneurs hoping to get their businesses off the

The workspace is set to open Sept. 1. The group plans to have the kitchen in
operation by October.


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