Concussion can't contain Haines

Weeks after suffering a severe head injury, Haughton quarterback Will Haines has adapted his game to remain one of the top signal-callers in Northwest Louisiana
HAUGHTON, La - September 27th, 2013, Haughton quarterback Will Haines took the hit he'll never forget in a football game against Ruston High School. 

"First really big hit that I've ever taken," Haines said. "I remember everything that happened really. I rolled out. I lowered my shoulder. He lowered his and next thing I looked up and was looking up."

Tears, confusion, and pain, all signs of a concussion that would sideline the quarterback the next 13 days. Haines isn't built to scale back, but a blow to the brain forced a change in the way he thinks about playing the game. 

"Oh yea, I definitely think about it. The first thing I think about is getting the yardage, then get out of bounds, my coaches told me when I first came back, just get out of bounds or slide."

His coach, Rodney Guin said you have to take precautions, but can't ask a running quarterback not to run hard. 

 "It's hard to tell a football player not to play football," Guin said. "Brandon Harris is the same way. If you told a guy don't run the football, we don't want you to get hit, he's as effective a runner as he is thrower."

Brandon Harris is Parkway's dual-threat quarterback. He took a vicious shot to the head against Byrd High School. He didn't suffer a concussion, but it drew a bloody nose. His coach David Feaster didn't like the hit, the thinks that rules deterring head injuries are encouraging leg injuries. 

"I don't think it's a healthy thing to be honest with ya," Feaster said. "I think what we're seeing is more injuries to the leg areas of offensive players and more head injuries to defensive players, because they're going into the legs with their heads down."

A month after Haines' concussion, he's a far-cry from a rattling head injury. He's rushed for over 400 yards and five touchdowns and thrown for more than 1,100 yards and 12 touchdowns, leading Haughton to a 6-2 record. 
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