Counterfeit money floating around Lake Bistineau...

Counterfeit money floating around Lake Bistineau...

The target--small local businesses...
      Within recent weeks local mom and pops shops have been far too convenient for counterfeiters in Elm Grove, Ringgold, and Coushatta.
    The most recent focus is Taylor's Grocery.

  "Other local stores I've heard had the same issue with fives, tens, and twentys," owner John Dean said.

  A fake five dollar bill slipped into the cash register, while the suspect walked out the door.

  These types of crimes happen often and are difficult to catch in the act, however the camera speaks for itself.

 Taylor's Grocery has nine surveillance cameras. 

 It might only be five dollars, but for small business there's nothing fake about it.

 "For a store like ours, it takes a lot of merchandise to get that five dollars back," Dean said.

  "But if they do it multiple times that's a lot of money and that's why you need to call authorities to bring these people to justice," Bossier Sheriff's Office Lt. Bill Davis said.
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