CPSB approves three charter applications

Caddo Parish charter schools don't have a proven track record, but the school board approves the opening of three more.
Caddo Parish charter schools don't have a proven track record, but the school board approves the opening of three more.

Tuesday the Caddo Parish School Board approved three of six applications.  Some board members didn't want to approve any of them. However they say pressure from the state left them with no other option. According to them if they didn't approve the schools, the state could do it for them. If that happens the state would have full control of the school.

The school board approved Shreveport Charter Academy, which will be operated by the Shreveport Charter Foundation. The foundation currently oversees Magnolia School of Excellence. Before the Shreveport Charter Academy can open, Magnolia must achieve a minimum of a “C” letter grade for the 2013-2014 school year. The current (Magnolia) shall not have any “deficiencies” in operation for the 2013-2014 school year. The school will not open if the enrollment at Magnolia is less than 90% of the school’s anticipated enrollment for the year prior to the school’s opening.

L.L. Brandon Academy of Arts and Sciences also received approval from the board. The group overseeing the school has until March to meet certain requirements. They still need to provide an adequate facility and find a principal.

Pathways in Education is the third school, which was approved. Once opened it will be an alternative campus to help students receive a high school diploma.

The three applications that were approved are based on recommendations from New Millennium Education.

Jon Glover still has a lot of questions.

"If that's the case then what are we going to do with our public schools."

Kimberly Williams with New Millennium Education says all charter schools are public schools and they’re here to serve students.

There's currently two charter schools in Caddo Parish--- Linwood Public Charter School and Magnolia School of Excellence.

Glover questions if they're doing what's best for all children.

"See we recognize that public schools will never go away, but will they be sufficient for providing the educational resources and opportunities our children need?”

One thing all of the board members agreed on charter schools aren't going away anytime soon.

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