CWright Pink Ribbon Project helps cancer patients in need

CWright Pink Ribbon Project helps cancer patients in need

A Shreveport woman, fighting breast cancer, credits a local organization for lifting a financial burden off her shoulders.
Coping with cancer, Deana Luebbertt continues to work and persevere.

In 2006, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and it has come back twice.

"I like to keep a positive attitude about it, and I mean when I first was diagnosed, I focused more on the disease, but the second time around I focused more on the healing," says Deana.

She describes her journey as somewhat difficult, but says the CWright Pink Ribbon Project was able to lift financial weight off Luebertt's shoulders.

"They assisted me by paying my mortgage, which allowed me to focus on other payments for other things, and it just gave me a big relief that time," says Luebbertt.

The organization was founded in 2007 by breast cancer survior Catherine Wright and her church, Stonewall Missionary Baptist Church.

"I know what it is to be in the trenches, to know what devestation this disease can leave a person," says Wright.

Wright and other volunteers work to provide financial assistance to breast cancer patients.

Patients can apply for help with getting bills paid, getting groceries and going to and from their doctor's appointments.

"What inspires me is we can help them take care of these issues that's going on in their life, so they can concentrate on their health and recovery from this deadly disease," says Wright.

That inspires people like Luebbertt to be a rock for others.

"Just have something that you can focus on about the future and plan for the future and i think that helps you see brighter," says Luebbertt.

If you would like to help the CWright Pink Ribbon Project or apply for assistance click here.
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