'50 to 1' stars hit the road

'50 to 1' is a true story about determination and hope.
 (Jade Cunningham)
(Jade Cunningham)

'50 to 1' is a true story about determination and hope.

It tells the journey about how 'Mine That Bird' won the 2009 Kentucky Derby.

However, before the movie hits the big screen in Louisiana, those involved are hitting the road.

'50 to 1' is an inspiring underdog tale of misfit cowboys and their long shot racehorse.

It stars Skeet Ulrich, Christian Kane, William Devane, Madelyn Deutch, Todd Lowe and Jockey Calvin Borel.

They're making the same trip that 'Mine That Bird' took on his way to his record-setting win.

Earlier Wednesday, the '50 to 1' bus stopped by our station to explain why people should go see the movie.

"When you hear a story about horseracing and cowboys, it doesn't make sense," said Actor Christian Kane. "But it does to everybody out here. I'm from Oklahoma, I'm from Texas and these guys were all from New Mexico. For us to go into Louisiana and Arkansas, these people appreciate it and these guys were their kind of people."

Their next stop is Dallas.

The movie is expected to hit theatres in Louisiana on April 4th.

Those in Arkansas can see it on April 11th.

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