A customer's headache--SWEPCO tree removal...

A customer's headache--SWEPCO tree removal...

Small print that made a big difference...

    For one senior citizen in Shreveport's Southern Hills, having his tree removed has become a tiring task. Yesterday 85 year old Warner James called SWEPCO to cut down a tree in his back yard. 

   They started the work and James left to visit his sickly wife in the nursing home. 

"When I came back they were all gone and I asked if they were just going to leave the tree whole in my yard, they said yes," James said. 

However, what might have caused the confusion is a contract and why he signed in the first place. 

"They told me I could either sign or they'd let the tree fall and all the damage would be my responsibility," James said. 

Out of nervousness, James signed instead of seeking out another contractor. 

The small print on the contract clearly reads that SWEPCO and it's contractors are not responsible for cleanup. 

"It's my 64th anniversary. It's Christmas. My wife is in the nursing home and she might not make it. Just to be treated like this, it hurts," James said. 

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