A former Russian opera singer sits down with NBC 6 News

Martha Kostiuk-Hollier was a lead soprano for the Bolshoi Opera in Moscow, Russia for 21 years.

Soprano soloist Martha Kostiuk Hollier, formerly of the Bolshoi Theater

Opera in Moscow.

The lyric and coloratura soprano is especially renowned in Russia and

Europe for the unique timbre of her voice and for the artistry and drama of

her performances. She was awarded second prize in the International

Vocal Competition in Sophia, Bulgaria, in 1984.

"You can not imagine to go any further in my profession. that was the top" says Hollier.

When it comes to voices--- Martha Hollier has one made of gold--- and the spotlight was on her

Martha tells NBC 6 "On the stage of the Bolshoi Opera Theatre it's opera and ballet theatre, a very famous theatre in the world"

An opera singer for 21 years. she then meet her husband, moved to the United States, now lives in Ida, Louisiana--- these winter games are special for her... not only because they're in Russia, but it's also close to her heart for other reasons.

"It's very related to my profession--- they work so hard the same as I was getting ready to preform in my profession."

The winter games come along every four year--- but for Martha these games are almost once in a lifetime.

"It feels my heart with joy and pride and of course makes me a little home sick"

She's thankful for all the coverage---

"I am very grateful that we have channel 6 and I rush to the TV to turn it on"

Even when things didn't go Russia's way--- like the hockey game between the United States and Russia-- Martha was still a good sport

"When they scored in that shootout, the Americans, I was so happy for them because they were the happiest people in the world at that moment."

She may be 1000's of miles away--- but she feels like she's right there

"I just stick to the screen."

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