A.B. Palmer Park community meeting

A.B. Palmer Park community meeting

St. Rep. Barbara Norton holds community meeting.

Local leaders gathered at A.B. Palmer Community Center Tuesday evening to talk about crime prevention, fire safety, and the state of  local hospitals.

The meeting was organized by St.Rep. Barbara Norton, (D) - Louisiana. 

Speakers included members of local law enforcement agencies, the Director of the Overton Brooks V.A. Medical Center, and Janice Priest, the LSU Health Union President. She said the hospital is understaffed and its  transition into a public-private hospital has not gone smoothly.

"They said no patient would be turned away but people have been turned away," said Janice Priest. 

"So, this is something the community needs to know. As a union president, I'm concerned about the care that they're receiving and what they're being told and their wait time and the process for them to get into certain specialty clinics or the time they have to wait to see a doctor."

During the meeting, people were able to ask questions.  More than 50 people were in attendance.

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