Barksdale Profile: Acrobatic Sling

Barksdale Profile: Acrobatic Sling

A new piece of equipment on Barksdale AFB is helping make repairs on B52 aircraft quicker and safer.

Testing on a new piece of equipment that's helping save time and money on on B52 repairs is finally complete.

Barksdale Air Force Base officials say "the acrobatic sling" is used to lift and install B52 radomes, or nose pieces.

In the past, crews of 6 to 10 men lifted B52 radomes by hand.

Installing the large pieces onto aircraft took time and SSgt Logan Portell, who helped create this new sling, says it could be dangerous.

However, this new sling makes crews safer and repairs faster.

Which means less time on the ground for Barksdale's biggest bombers.

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