American Red Cross Health Fair

Sometimes getting a health screening can be pricey.
Sometimes getting a health screening can be pricey.

However one organization is here to try and help you stay healthy and keep your money in your wallet.

The American Red Cross is hosting their annual Health Fair today (Tuesday, June 3rd). 

From 7am-1pm at the First Baptist Chruch-Bossier (2810 E. Texas Street) you can go and get your health checked out.

It'll be going on in the Worship Center.

The fair offers a low cost opportunity for people to get different tests including: Cholesterol, Thyroid, Liver and Lipid Profiles, Glucose levels, CBC Counts and more.

It's $40 for the regular blood test or $50 for the regular test plus PSA (Prostate Cancer Screen for men which is optional).

Participants should fast for 12 hours prior to the tests (water and prescription medications are okay).

You should also bring a stamp or .49 cents for results mailing and you must be at least 18 years of age.

More information can be found at
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