Animal Rescue group conducts own investigation into Becky's Bridge operations...

Animal Rescue group conducts own investigation into Becky's Bridge operations...

Authorities in Bossier City say no illegal activities have taken place that they are aware of, however other groups have been prompted to look into matters for themselves...
    More accusations surface following the voluntary shutdown of a Bossier City animal rescue. While no arrests have been made and no charges filed, other rescue groups are conducting their own investigations and making some very serious claims. 

  Bossier City authorities say last week Becky's Bridge president Rebecca Young voluntarily shut her rescue organization down. Citizen complaints prompted animal control to take action. They found she was keeping too many dogs outside of her private home according to city ordinances, and she surrendered seven of her eight dogs. 

"There was no criminal charges filed. All the dogs appeared to be in good health," Bossier City public information officer Mark Natale said. 

While no foul play was found in this case, according to the group SNARR -- Special Needs Animal Rescue, their own investigation into Becky's Bridge has been on-going for more than a year. It brought them to a small mobile home in Caddo Parish. 

"At this point there were 21 dogs she was keeping in a trailer. We knew they were in bad shape. Some were paralyzed, had pelvis breaks, rectal bleeding, just we knew they were bad conditions," SNARR President Robin Menard said. 

Becky's Bridge had no comment today except that they have hired an attorney. 

The group has been asking for monetary donations up until several months ago. However, according to the IRS, her tax exemption status as a 5013c non-profit has been revoked since May of last year. 

"No such complaint has been made to Bossier City regarding her status as a 5013c," Natale said. 
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