Suspected murderer has history of violence

Anton C. Cooley is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend, 41 year-old Karen Johnson.
A mother of three is dead, after a domestic dispute in west Shreveport. 

On Monday, just before 9:30 p.m., Shreveport Police got a call from neighbors on Red Bud Lane, saying they heard a woman screaming, followed by gunshots.

Police found the body 41 year-old Karen Johnson, under her carport in the 3500 block of Valley View Drive.

Johnson’s boyfriend, 41 year-old Anton C. Cooley is charged with 2nd degree murder for her death.

"[Detectives] believe that the victim had been and was romantically involved with the suspect," says Sgt. Bill Goodin, Chief Administrative Officer with Shreveport Police.

While police believe there was a domestic dispute, they're still trying to find out exactly what happened.

"They're going to contact neighbors, do a neighborhood canvas, go door to door physically asking people did you see anything, did you hear anything; which is initially how they responded to the call," says Sgt. Goodin.

If you look at Cooley's arrest record, he's no stranger to the back seat of a police car:

July 1997 - domestic abuse battery
April 1998 - simple battery
April 1999 - simple battery
April 2003 - aggravated battery, 2nd degree battery
May 2007 - warrant on simple battery
June 2008 - charged with second degree battery.

Now, Cooley is looking at a brand new charge: 2nd degree murder for Johnson's death.

Arthur Douglas lives just a few doors down from Johnson.

Douglas says in his 18 years of being in the neighborhood, he's shocked at what has happened.

"This is the first time that anything of this magnitude has ever happened in this area and as close as it is to me there, and I was just really surprised that this happened here at this area here," says Douglas.

Neighbors are hoping their community gets back to the quiet area it's known for.

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