Authorities prep for icy blast...

Authorities prep for icy blast...

As temperatures drop across the ArkLaTex...

    DOTD continues to stand by and monitor winter weather conditions as the major drop in temperature spreads across the ArkLaTex. 

"Our goal is to keep all roads open but especially I-20, the Texas Street bridge, and other major roads. We're always concerned about out overpasses and bridges around I-49 and I-220. It's very important people don't get distracted on the roads especially in this type of weather," Susan Stafford with DOTD said. 

More than 2 million pounds of salt sit at the ready in case the roads become icy. 

Caddo Parish public works is also closely watching the situation. 

"We have two salt trucks in Vivian and two in Spring Ridge. We've got sand bags if it comes to that type of water situation," Ken Ward said. 
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